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Parents Guide to our Pastoral Care and Support

Mrs Allkins
Pastoral worker


Here you can find information about the pastoral care we provide at Mudeford Community Infants School, and also why your child may receive pastoral support and how we can work together with parents, carers and staff to ensure each child can flourish as a learner as well as being socially and emotionally ready for life’s challenges.


Why might your child receive pastoral support?

There are many factors which may affect a child’s happiness and wellbeing in school and therefore impact on their learning.

  • low self-esteem
  • low confidence in their ability
  • outside influences
  • friendship worries or concerns
  • negative patterns of behaviour
  • lateness / attendance

Our pastoral worker Mrs Allkins is there to nurture children, raise self-esteem and encourage children to achieve their best.

What will our pastoral care look like?
The level of contact with an individual child varies according to their particular needs.

This might be:

  • 1:1 sessions where we meet together, decide on some targets and carry out appropriate activities that are chosen together.
  • Group sessions with usually no more than 6 children. Doing some circle time activities to explore issues such as managing behaviour and emotions, friendships and building self-esteem.
  • One off sessions when some issues need to be addressed straight away.  Attending professional meetings to offer support and advice for children and families.
  • Family group work – offering advice and support with parenting issues.
Parents and school working together for your child
How can a child begin to receive support from our pastoral worker?
  • the class teacher may refer a child
  • another adult working with the child may refer them
  • the child can ask to meet with them
  • parents / carers can contact the school and a convenient time can be arranged to meet
A problem shared…

We consider no problem too small or too trivial and will do all we can to ensure your child is happy at our school

How can our pastoral worker be contacted?

You may contact the school office by telephone during school hours or by email at any time.  Mrs Allkins is available most afternoons to respond to messages and arrange to meet for a chat between 1 and 3.15pm.  An appointment can be made in the afternoons in The Reef pastoral room at the front of the school or a home visit can also be considered.

Telephone: 01202 488142

Mrs Allkins can also provide guidance and support for families if you have a family concern and you are not sure what to do or who to talk to. Please come in and have a chat as we can help by listening and letting you know who might be able to help. We work closely with the Christchurch Family Partnership Zone, the school nurse team and other community support