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Vision & Ethos Welcome Statement


A warm welcome to Mudeford Community Infants school. This is a school where you will find vibrancy from our staff and children alike. Our school is full of happy, confident learners who are ready to take on all manner of challenges in the safety of our nurturing and caring learning environment.

We actively promote the joy of friendship, play, smiles and laughter combined with creating an inner willingness to achieve. Each learner leaves us with a wealth of knowledge, skills and understanding that prepares them for the next stage of their learning pathway. Our children are proud of what they can do, what they have learnt and how they play their part as a valued member of our community.

This school will always take a genuine interest in the individual child, allowing talents to flourish and providing an abundance of opportunity for children to shine. We listen, we encourage and we never stop believing that children will achieve. Our children learn how to learn. They become resourceful, resilient, responsible and reflective. Our children can explain their thinking, make connections that deepen understanding and then apply their learning to other situations. They take risks, have a go and make mistakes and feel empowered to do so. Our children learn to share and care, looking out for each other through helping, being kind and showing respect.

We have high expectations of each other, our children and their parents and carers. We believe in and promote the British values of respect, tolerance, fairness, honesty and lawfulness. By all working together we really can do our best for each other and our community.

We are very proud that all of us here have a hunger for learning and we look forward to welcoming you to our school to see our happy and confident community of learners.

Daniel Pope – Head teacher


At Mudeford Infants we are commited to safeguarding, further information can be found here.  If you are worried about a safeguarding issue please discuss all of your concerns immediately with our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Pope or Deputy DSL’s Mrs Shale or Mrs Allkins who will assess the situation and take necessary further action.

Should you require a paper copy of any information on our website, please contact the school office.